ItrackBS – The real-time tracking tool for order tracking and tracing

With ItrackBS, you have a powerful tool to track the cycle of your flow of goods at any time.

ItrackBS is used in every service module:

  • Fulfillment for order tracking - The customer receives real-time information regarding order status.
  • Cargo for tracking and tracing -  The respective location of the shipment can be determined at any time.
  • Book Services - The on-hand tracking tool to track and trace shipments in foreign terminals.

Should the final service provider use its own tracking web services, this is where we will join the process. This simplifies data handling and delivers high-performance tracking information in real-time in the respective language of the country.

Interfaces for the connection of web shops and enterprise resource planning systems of our German, American and English customers exist or will be realized by the internal IT department of IBS at any time in an individual and prompt fashion.